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Jon Venables



Jon Venables



A surveillance camera shows the abduction of two-year-old James Bulger from the Bootle
Strand shopping mall February 12 1993 at 3:42pm near Liverpool, England. Bulger holds
the hand of Jon Venables, one of two ten-year-old boys later convicted of his torture and murder.



Abducted: CCTV footage shows Robert Thomson and Jon Venables, both 10, leading James Bulger, two,
from a shopping centre in Liverpool in 1993.






Crime scene



Robert Thompson



Robert Thompson



Robert Thompson and Jon Venables



The victim


James Bulger



James Bulger



James Bulger with his mother Denise during a family holiday.



James Bulger with his father Ralph



James Bulger's mother Denise Fergus with a picture of the two-year-old.



Denise with her then husband, Ralph Bulger, at a press conference in the wake
of the murder of their toddler son James.



The heartbreakingly tiny coffin at the toddler's funeral.








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