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Alexander TCHAYKA






A.K.A.: "The Fur Coats Hunter"
Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Robberies
Number of victims: 4
Date of murders: January 31 - February 16, 1994
Date of arrest: February 19, 1994
Date of birth: July 23, 1974
Victims profile: 4 women dressed in fur coats
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Moscow, Russia
Status: He was sentenced to death but wasn't executed because of moratorium for death punishment in Russia

Tchayka Alexander - known as "The Okhotnik za shubami" ("The Fur Coats Hunter") killed 4 women dressed in fur coats in Moscow (January, 31 1994 - February, 16 1994). Sentenced to death.


Alexander Tchayka: (b. 1974 in Sumy, USSR (now, Ukraine) ) was a Russian serial killer responsible for the murders of 4 women in Moscow between January 31, 1994 and February 16, 1994.

In 1989 Tchayka was arrested for raping a little girl and was sentenced to 14-years of prison but was released in 1991 by 'excellent behavior'.

On January 30, 1994 Tchayka committed his first murder when killed a young woman; Tchayka stabbed her 21 times. Only the victim's son could identified to his mother. The second victim was on February 7, 1994. Tchayka stabbed her 8 times with a knife and stole her handbag and her gold ring. On February 9, 1994 a fifty-years old woman is murdered, again, Tchayka stabbed her and stole other gold ring. On February 16, 1994 Tchayka murdered his last victim at age of 18 years old.

After of four murders, the police began a career to catch the psychopath serial killer and the only evidence that they had about the serial killer was that the possible killer wore black clothes.

A few days later, when the detective was thinking in the metro what to do saw a young man who was wearing black jacket, black bag, gray-black pants and all black. The detective saw a suspect behavior in the young and he persecuted to the young. Hours later his behavior and his clothes sentencing his arrest.

After his arrest, Tchayka confessed the murders. He was sentenced to death but wasn't executed because of moratorium for death punishment in Russia.



Alexander Tchayka


Alexander Tchayka



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