Juan Ignacio Blanco  

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Charles Howard SCHMID Jr.




Charles Schmid, Jr.



Charles Schmid, Jr. arrest.



Charles Schmid, Jr. at his arraignment.



Charles Schmid, Jr.



Charles Schmid, Jr.



The victims






Alleen Rowe's skull.



Gretchen Fritz (right) and friends.



Smitty's house were the Fritz girls were murdered.



Ritchie Bruns
="font-size: 8pt" face="Verdana"> On the night of August 11, 1965, Schmid strangled Gretchen and her sister, 13-year-old Wendy Fritz, at his
home, afterward dumping their bodies in the desert. Unable to contain himself, he boasted of the crime
to friend Richard Bruns, driving Bruns out to look at the bodies, enlisting his help for a hasty burial.