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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Robberies
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: 1982 / 1991
Date of arrest: December 13, 1991
Date of birth: April 27, 1964
Victims profile: ??? / David Colvin (male)
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Florida, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on December 27, 1996

Supreme Court of Florida


opinion 80795

opinion 89640


opinion SC02-860 & SC02-2131

opinion SC04-2016


DC#    395352
DOB:   04/27/64

Seventh Judicial Circuit, Volusia County Case # 91-6795
Sentencing Judge: The Honorable Robert W. Rawlins, Jr. (Retired)
Attorney, Trial: Raymond Cass, Larry Henderson, Larry Powers – APD
Attorney, Resentence: Gerald F. Keating – Private
Attorney, Direct Appeal:  James L. Rose – Private
Attorney, Collateral Appeals:  Eric Pinkard & James Driscoll – CCRC-M

Date of Offense: 08/10/91

Date of Sentence: 10/16/92

Date of Resentence: 12/27/96

Circumstances of Offense:

Around 08/05/91, James Guzman and Martha Cronin began living together at the Imperial Motor Lodge, where they became acquainted with David Colvin, who also resided at the motel. 

At approximately 3:00 p.m. on 08/10/01, Guzman confessed to Cronin that he had killed Colvin and had taken a diamond ring and some money from him.  Later, Guzman also discussed the commission of the crime with a cellmate named Paul Rogers in the spring of 1992. 

On 08/12/91, Colvin’s body was discovered lying face down on the bed of his motel room.  The body had nineteen stab, incision, and hack wounds to the face, skull, back, and chest and a defensive wound to the left hand. 

The body was soaked in blood and a large amount of blood was found spattered on the walls.  A bent and twisted samurai sword was found on the light fixture above the bed.  Colvin’s blood alcohol level was determined to be .34 at the time of death.  The cause of death was determined to be loss of blood.

Prior Incarceration History in the State of Florida:

At the time of the crime, Guzman had a prior prison record that included incarceration for murder and violent crime convictions.  The following is a Guzman’s prior prison history that covers periods of incarceration with the Florida Department of Corrections since January 1983.

Prior Prison History:








15Y 0M 0D


GRAND THEFT,$300 LESS &20,000


5Y 0M 0D




30Y 0M 0D




30Y 0M 0D




30Y 0M 0D




30Y 0M 0D

Trial Summary:

01/07/92          Indicted as follows:

Count I            First Degree Murder
Count II           Armed Robbery

09/24/92          Jury returned guilty verdicts on both counts of the indictment

09/29/92          Jury recommended death sentence by a vote of 10-2. 

10/16/92          Sentenced as follows:

Count I            First-Degree Murder – Death
Count II           Armed Robbery – Life imprisonment

12/27/96          Resentenced to death.  Guzman waived jury retrial and jury resentence.

Case Information:

On 11/09/92, Guzman filed a Direct Appeal with the Florida Supreme Court, citing numerous errors, yet the FSC only commented on two: error in not allowing the public defender to withdraw as counsel due to a conflict of interest and error in limiting testimony of two of the defense witnesses.  Due to trial court error in both instances, the FSC reversed the conviction and death sentence of Guzman on 09/22/94.

On 12/27/96, Guzman was resentenced to death.  Guzman waived the presence of jury at either the retrial or the resentence.

Guzman filed a Direct Appeal with the Florida Supreme Court on 01/06/97, raising eight errors:  improper denial of mistrial motion, absence of substantial and competent evidence of guilt, double jeopardy, improper ruling on “various issues,” disproportionate death sentence, improper finding of three aggravating circumstances (HAC; avoiding arrest; and cold, calculated, and premeditated).  The FSC affirmed the conviction and sentence on 01/14/99. 

Guzman filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court on 03/12/99 that was denied on 05/03/99.

Guzman filed a 3.850 Motion with the Circuit Court on 03/27/00 and amended the Motion on 11/30/00 and 10/15/01.  The Motion was denied on 03/05/02.

Guzman filed a 3.850 Appeal with the Florida Supreme Court on 04/15/02, citing allegations of Giglio violations, by the State permitting false testimony; Brady violations, by the State withholding evidence; the State presenting misleading evidence; and the State giving an improper closing argument.  On 11/20/03, the FSC affirmed the denial of the 3.850 Motion in part, but remanded the case to the Circuit Court to rule on Guzman’s Giglio claim.  On 03/04/04, the FSC issued a revised opinion. 

Guzman filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus with the Florida Supreme Court on 10/02/02, citing allegations that his waiver of a jury for the penalty phase was invalid and his incompetence to be executed.  On 11/20/03, the FSC denied the Petition.

On 08/27/04, upon remand to the Circuit Court, legal memoranda were filed regarding Guzman’s Giglio claims.  On 09/22/04, the Circuit Court denied the 3.850 Motion. 

Guzman filed a 3.850 Motion Appeal with the Florida Supreme Court on 10/18/04, citing Giglio claims.  On 06/29/06, the FSC affirmed the denial of the motion.



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