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Classification: Homicide
Characteristics: Juvenile (17) - Dismemberment
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: January 21, 2005
Date of birth: November 2, 1987
Victim profile: Adrianne Reynolds (female, 16)
Method of murder: Strangulation with a belt
Location: Rock Island, Illinois, USA
Status: Sentenced to 45 years in prison on July 13, 2006

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Teen accused in killing, dismembering of 16-year-old classmate sentenced to prison

July 11, 2006

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (AP) A teenager accused of helping his ex-girlfriend kill and dismember a 16-year-old classmate last year was sentenced Monday to 45 years in prison.

Cory Gregory, 18, had pleaded guilty in April to murder and concealment of a homicide in the death of Adrianne Reynolds.

"All I really want to do is apologize. It's all I really can do," Gregory said. "If I could give my life to bring her back, I would."

Prosecutors agreed to the plea deal after consulting with Reynolds' family, who held vigil through a long trial and retrial in which Gregory's former girlfriend was convicted of murder.

Rock Island County State's Attorney Jeff Terronez has said Gregory led authorities to remains that might never have been found and agreed to meet with Reynolds' family and explain his role in the slaying.

Prosecutors say Gregory and Sarah Kolb, 18, killed Reynolds in Kolb's car at a fast-food restaurant on Jan. 21, 2005, then took the body to Kolb's grandparents' farm and burned it.

The pair returned two days later with a third teen and sawed the body into pieces, dumping some remains on the farm and burying the rest in a state park, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Kolb was angry because Reynolds, who had recently moved to the state, was taking her friends and had shown interest in Kolb's boyfriend and Gregory.


Cory Gregory Sentenced

July 20, 2006

ROCK ISLAND - Cory Gregory was given the maximum sentence of 45 years in prison for killing, burning and dismembering 16-year-old Adrianne Reynolds.

In January 2005 there was a fight between teenagers in a Taco Bell parking lot that left Reynolds dead.  Then at a farm in Millersberg, Illinois, the teens burned and dismembered her body before hiding the remains at Blackhawk State Park.

One of the teens, Cory Gregory, led police to Reynolds' body just days after the murder.

Adrianne's uncle Mike McCollum says if it weren't for Gregory, this case might be unsolved like the murder of his friend Jone Knapton.

"They never would have found her body," he said.  "They'd still be looking for her."

Adrianne's father Tony Reynolds says he'll never forgive Cory Gregory and Sarah Kolb for taking away his daughter, even though Gregory did plead guilty to the crime, which saved the family the agony of a third trial.

"I didn't want anybody to think just because he showed them where the body was that he'd done anyone a favor," he said.  "He put it there."

On the other side of the courtroom on Monday was Cory Gregory's mother Theresa Gregory, who wept when her son's future was handed down.  Gregory will get out of prison in his 60s.

"I love my son Cory very much and I hope that some day the Reynolds family can find peace and forgiveness," she said.

Before handing down the maximum sentence, Judge Walter Braud said one thing missing from the plea deal is 'why and what actually happened to Adrianne.'  That's something the Reynolds family doesn't expect to ever hear.

Today they did hear an apology.  Gregory said he would give his life to bring Adrianne back.

"I guess he's glad he said it," said Tony Reynolds.  "I guess I'm glad I heard it.  It doesn't change a whole lot.  It still won't bring Adrianne back."

Cory Gregory will serve all of the 40 years for the murder charge.  He gets no credit for good behavior.  But he does get credit for time served on the concealment charge.

Gregory's attorney doesn't expect an appeal to be filed.


Gregory sentenced to 45 years in prison

Quad-Cities Online

Mon, July 10, 2006

An apologetic Cory Gregory was sentenced today to 45 years in prison for the death of classmate Adrianne Reynolds, even after the victim's uncle requested leniency for the teenage killer.

At a sentencing beset with tears from everyone but the Moline teen, Rock Island County Circuit Court Judge Walter Braud handed down the maximum sentence allowed by the plea agreement reached with prosecutors.

?All I really want to do is apologize. It's all I really can do,? Mr. Gregory said, a hint of sadness coming from his voice. ?If I could give my life to bring her back, I would.?

Outside the normal arguing over how much of the possible 20 to 40 years for first-degree murder Mr. Gregory would serve, the greatest surprise, even to Rock Island County State's Attorney Jeff Terronez, came when Mike McCollum, Ms. Reynolds' uncle, asked for leniency for Mr. Gregory.

Defense attorney Steve Hanna read the letter from Mr. McCollum, in which he called Mr. Gregory an ?unwilling accomplice? with Sarah Kolb. He wrote after visiting with his pastor and Mr. Gregory, Mr. McCollum found the Lord was working in him.

Tony Reynolds, Adrianne's adopted father, said Mr. McCollum's letter created no rift in the family. His main concern was that Mr. Gregory got the maximum.

?Doesn't feel like I won anything for sure,? Mr. Reynolds said tearfully following the hearing. Still to be sentenced in the case is Sarah Kolb, 18, Milan, who earlier was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and one count of concealment of a homicide. She is to be sentenced Aug. 18, and faces up to 60 years in prison.

Ms. Reynolds' January 21, 2005, death shocked and captivated Quad-Citians. She was initially reported missing by her father and stepmother, Tony and Joann Reynolds. Ms. Kolb, Mr. Gregory, and a third teen, Nathan Gaudet, were arrested a few days later after Mr. Gregory led police to the girl's burned and dismembered body on a Mercer County farm and in Blackhawk State Historic Site.

Both teens now are convicted of strangling Ms. Reynolds in Ms. Kolb's car in a Taco Bell parking lot in Moline. Prosecutors theorized Mr. Gregory held Ms. Reynolds' arms while Ms. Kolb choked her. Then they strangled her with a belt.

The two then took Ms. Reynolds body to a farm in rural Mercer County where it was burned and dismembered. Mr. Gaudet admitted to helping dismember and burn the body at the Mercer County farm.

Mr. Gaudet pleaded guilty to a juvenile count of concealing a homicide and is serving an indeterminate sentence at the Illinois Youth Center in Harrisburg. He testified at both of Ms. Kolb's trials.

During her trial, Ms. Kolb testified that Mr. Gregory killed Ms. Reynolds. Mr. Gregory told Ms. Reynolds' parents he was in the car at the time of her death, but didn't kill her.

Terms of the April 27 plea agreement

-- Gregory to plead guilty to a single count of first degree murder

-- Sentence on the murder charge will be between 20 and 40 years

-- Murder sentence will consectutively to sentence for concealing a homicide.

-- Gregory will meet with Ms. Reynolds parents to explain his role in murder.

-- A second count of first degree murder will be dropped.

-- Mercer County will not file dismemberment of a body charges against Gregory.



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