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Edwin James GRACE





Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Anger with employment agency
Number of victims: 6
Date of murders: June 21, 1972
Date of birth: 1939
Victims profile: Men
Method of murder: Shooting (two sawed-off .22-caliber rifles)
Location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA
Status: Died July 8, 1972, of self-inflicted wounds in Cherry Hill Medical Center

An off-duty Pinkerton guard entered a Cherry Hill office building killing 6 and wounded 6 others. Died July 8 of self-inflicted wounds in Cherry Hill Medical Center.


Gunman kills 6 in Jersey

He wounds 6 and himself

The New York Times

June 22, 1972

CERRY HILL, N. J., June 21 – A tall, mustachioed 33-year-old gunman later identified as an off-duty Pinkerton guard walked into an office building in this southern New Jersey suburban community today, shot six men to death and wounded six more before shooting and wounding himself.


Anger with employment agency is cited as gunman's motivation for Jersey shootings

The New York Times

June 23, 1972

CERRY HILL, N. J., June 22 – Edwin James Grace, who shot 12 men, killing six of them, in an office building here yesterday, apparently had directed his rage at an employment agency that failed to get him a job earlier this year.

Grace, who is from Brooklyn, had filed an application with Key Personnel, Inc., one of the eight companies with offices in the Heritage Building, at 383 Kings Highway. He had sought "a job in his line of work, security," according to the Camden County Prosecutor, A. Donald Bigley.


Slayer of 6 in Cherry Hill dies

2 of 6 wounded still in hospital

The New York Times

July 9, 1972

CHERRY HILL, July 8 – Edwin James Grace, the man who the police say killed six men and wounded six others before he turned a gun on himself during a shooting spree June 21, died today at Cherry Hill Medical Center.

Grace, 33 years old, had been partly paralyzed and unable to talk since he was admitted to the hospital with a bullet lodged at the base of his skull.

The police said he apparently shot himself behind the left ear with one of the two sawed-off .22-caliber rifles he wielded during the attack on office personnel at the Heritage House building at 383 Kings Highway.

Grace lived in Brooklyn and worked as a Pinkerton guard. Four of the men he wounded have been released. The two who remain, Wayne Stroup, 22 and Val Reshko, 24, both of Cherry Hill, were described as in satisfactory condition.

Mr. Stroup is paralyzed but progressing, according to a hospital official, and Mr. Reshko is recovering from a partial amputation of his right leg.

The death of the gunman came the day after his sister, Therese, disclosed that she had hired Frank Brenner, a lawyer, to represent her brother.

The police were unable to find a motive for the shootings, but former Camden County Prosecutor A. Donald Bigley said that Grace had once applied for a job as a security guard at the Key Personnel Employment Agency in the Heritage House building. Mr. Bigley, a Democrat, was succeeded as prosecutor yesterday by Thomas Shusted, a former Republican Assemblyman, who would have been responsible for prosecuting the case.

The personnel office was one of those shot up by the gunman during seven minutes of terror for 40 office workers in the two-story building. The gunman walked from one office to the next, shooting and reloading his weapons as he went, waving women workers out of the way and shooting only men.

The police were alerted by a telephone call from one of the wounded men. They surrounded the building, fired tear-gas canisters inside and entered a few minutes later. The shooting had ended by then, according to Wallace LaPeters, Cherry Hill’s Public Safety Director, and the police did not exchange any shots with the gunman.

Grace was carried out with the dead and wounded, and the police did not realize who he was until they found seven 20-bullet clips in his pocket. The police said that more than 100 bullets had been fired inside the building.

Grace was described by his family and friends as a quiet man and an avid reader. William Linn, vice president of the Pinkerton agency, said that Grace had worked off and on for the agency since August, 1971, and had not received a single demerit.



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