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Fabio Evelio GOMEZ





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: December 2, 1999
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: ???
Victim profile: Joan Rachelle Morane (acquaintance)
Method of murder: Beating with a metal dumbbell weight
Location: Chandler, Arizona, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on June 5, 2003

Supreme Court of Arizona


opinion CR-03-0199-AP



On June 5, 2003 Fabio Evelio Gomez was sentenced for the following:

MARICOPA COUNTY CR 2000-090114, Count 1, First Degree Murder (of Joan Rachelle Morane), committed on or about December 2, 1999, sentenced to DEATH by Lethal Injection.

On December 2, 1999 the Chandler Police Department received a noise report of a man beating a woman possibly coming from apartment 232 at 1283 W. Parklane BI. Officer's responded but were unable to make contact with anyone at this location.

Later on the same date, December 2, 1999, they received a missing person's report of a Joan Morane who resided at 1283 W. Parklane BI., Apt. #234.

During the investigation it was determined that Fabio Gomez lived at apartment #232 and was an acquaintance of Joan Morane's. It was also noted that at approximately 04'00 hours officers made contact with Fabio Gomez outside his apartment carrying a deflated air mattress.

Gomez stated to the officer's that he and his girlfriend were moving and he was packing some of their belongings in their car. When questioned about packing at that time of day Gomez stated he had to watch their son during the day time.

At approximately 05'30 hours officers observed what appeared to be blood on the edge of the air mattress which had been placed inside Gomez's vehicle and a red stain on a trash dumpster near the apartment.

When officers re-contacted Fabio Gomez at his apartment they observed what appeared to be blood stains on the carpet.

During the search of apartment 232 investigators found what appeared to be blood stains in the living and dining room areas. In the hallway and bathroom vanity area numerous areas of blood stains which included the floor, walls and door. A metal dumbbell weight with red stains consistent with blood was also found.

On December 3, 1999 a female body, later identified as that of Joan Rachelle Morane, was found deceased in a trash dumpster in the apartment complex within a few feet of the victim's front door. Autopsy results were cause of death, multiple blunt force trauma -homicide.

Inmate Gomez is also convicted of the following:

Maricopa County CR 2000-090114

Count 2, Kidnapping, committed on or about December 2, 1999, sentence 21 years; Counts 3 Burglary First Degree, committed on or about December 2, 1999, sentence unknown; Counts 4 Sexual Assault, committed on or about December 2, 1999, sentence 14 years.


Fabio Evelio Gomez on death row.



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