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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape - Robbery
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: May 8, 1993
Date of birth: September 24, 1970
Victim profile: Joseph Finzel, 29
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Torrance, Los Angeles, California, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on March 23, 1995

Sentenced: March 23, 1995, age 24

Residence: Washington County, Oregon

Crimes: Murder, attempted murder, burglary

Date of crimes: May 8, 1993

Location: 3600 block of 180th Place, Torrance.

Victims: Joseph Finzel, 29; Lynn Finzel, then 28

Status: On appeal, not briefed.

Looking to commit a burglary, Garcia walked in through Lynn Finzelís front door, tied her to her bed and attempted to rape her.

When her husband came home, Garcia grabbed a gun found in the house. Garcia whirled and killed him, turned back and shot Mrs. Finzel. She lay helpless on the bed as Garcia ransacked the house for two hours, taking jewelry and the wedding ring from her dead husbandís finger.

All the while, Mrs. Finzel played dead, trying not to drown in the water seeping to the bedís surface, and fearing that Garcia would hurt her sleeping baby daughter.

Once Garcia was gone, Mrs. Finzel freed herself, crawled over her husbandís body, and staggered for help.

At his sentencing, Finzel told Garcia he would see her at his execution.

ďYou are my worst nightmare, and I will be your worst nightmare,Ē she said.


Death Row Inmate Randy Garcia - Another Talented Poet

August 01, 2007

Yet another talented poet awaits death by lethal injection in California, due to our barbaric justice system that insists on killing innocent model citizens.

You can read all about Randy Garcia's plight all over the Internet. All you have to do is google Randy Garcia and you will find dozens of web sites defending this 37 year old, and looking for donations for appeals and, hopefully, make him a free man so he can continue with his poetry and never ending quest for pen pals.

Canadian Citizens Against the Death Penalty have provided Randy with a web site where he can exhibit his poetry as well as photos of himself (one draped only in a towel) and ask for pen pals. Randy is lonely in prison, he's been on death row since 1995, after being convicted of murder in 1993. The photos he's posted show a young man about 25 years old; the age he was when he entered death row. Apparently, he hasn't changed them; probably in an attempt to attract more female admirers.

But you'll have to look a bit harder for the crime he committed. And you will not find one memorial page about his victims. The only thing you'll find is a brief summary about the crime.

On May 8, 1993, Garcia broke into the home of Joseph and Lynn Finzel, 29 and 28 respectively. Mr. Finzel was not at home and their baby daughter was asleep in her crib.

Garcia immediately tied Mrs. Finzel to the bed and attempted to rape her. Her husband interrupted everything by returning home, at which time, he was shot by Garcia with his own gun. A gun Garcia found in the house. He then turned around and shot Mrs. Finzel.

In fear for her baby daughter's life, Mrs. Finzel played "dead" for two hours. The bed which she was tied up on was a water bed and the water was seeping to the surface. Not only did Mrs. Finzel have to pretend to be dead, she had to try to keep from drowning. Or crying out as Garcia heartlessly ransacked the house, even stealing the wedding ring off her dead husband's hand.

Thinking his victims were dead, Garcia left the home. It was then that Mrs. Finzel managed to free herself, climb over her husband's dead body and stagger into the street for help, with a bullet lodged in her.

Positively identified by the victim, there is no question of Garcia's guilt in this crime. Mrs. Finzel said, at the sentencing, that she would be there at the execution. But so far, she's been waiting for 12 years.

Meanwhile, her husband has been dead for 14 years, and her baby daughter is now a teenager; without ever having known her father. And Garcia writes poetry, looks for pen pals and writes poetry in prison. Never expressing remorse over his crime.

Imagine, for one moment, being Mrs. Finzel on that fateful day. Imagine laying there, nearly violated, shot, knowing that your husband was dead and baby girl was in danger and not being able to do anything while some animal went through the house grabbing every single possession you owned, that you worked for.

Imagine trying to "play dead" as water seeping to the surface of the water bed threatened to drown you. Imagine your heart beating each time Garcia approached the baby's bedroom; hoping that you didn't hear a gunshot and being helpless to do anything.

Now imagine being in court and having to again face this murderer. Having to testify about that night that you'd much rather forget. And then waiting, and waiting for justice to be done.

Finally, think about how you would feel if you were Lynn Finzel and you found a web site dedicated to the poor, unfortunate Randy Garcia. Filled with poetry and photos of himself. And thinking about the comfort he was deriving from pen pals. Knowing that as a good looking man, he is bound to get a slew of women writing to him, who know nothing of the case except what he tells them, convinced of his innocence.

Imagine being the victim of a horrific crime such as this and seeing the man who ruined your life supported and glorified as you try to piece your life together. I can't imagine it and hope I never have to. My heart goes out to Lynn Finzel and her daughter.



Randy Garcia


Randy Garcia 



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