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Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Necrophilia - Cannibalism
Number of victims: 11
Date of murders: 1987 - 1994
Date of arrest: April 1994
Date of birth: May 24, 1948
Victims profile: Men and women (mostly beggars)
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife - Crushing his head with a stone
Location: Madrid, Spain
Status: Declared insane in February 1995. Confined in a psychiatric hospital
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Francisco Garcia Escalero: (b. May 24, 1948 in Madrid) was a beggar Spanish serial killer who killed 11 individuals between 1987 and 1994. Also, Escalero practiced necrophilia and cannibalism.


He was born on May 24, 1948 in Madrid, Spain. Escalero was a sickly and a strange boy that received a poor and deficient education. As a boy he also enjoyed walking through the cemetery. His father hated him and gave him many beatings.

At age 16, Escalero was confined in a psychiatric hospital and to 'survive', he committed many thefts. He also looked at couples and naked women to masturbate. In 1973 he was confined in a reformatory after stealing a motorbike and was released in 1975, when he committed his first serious crime when he raped a girl with his friends. Escalero raped the girl in front of her boyfriend. Garcia was arrested and sentenced to a term of 12 years of prison.

When he was finally released in 1984, he was unemployed and started a career as a beggar. He liked to drink mixes of alcohol with tablets, so, sometimes he showed a violent and aggressive behaviour. Moreover, he suffered hallucinations that impulsed him to kill.

Crimes and arrest

Disturbed by the 'voices', Francisco started his criminal career when he killed the prostitute Paula Martínez in August 1987. Escalero decapitated and burned her.

In March 1988 Escalero killed a beggar called Juan. Escalero stabbed him before crushing his head with a stone.

Months later, another beggar was found dead seriously burned.

Escalero continued killing many more people, practicing acts of necrophilia and cannibalism; assaulting the cemeteries and stealing many bodies to have sex with them.

In March 1989 a beggar called Ángel was found dead, decapitated and without his fingertips.

In May 1989 another beggar called Julio was found dead seriously stabbed, without his penis and burned.

In 1994, the police was alerted by a psychiatric hospital that two men had escaped. The men were Francisco Garcia Escalero and his friend Víctor Luis Criado. Both drunk. Two days later, the police found Victor Luis Criado dead with his skull crushed and burned. During the police investigation, Escalero attempted suicide on the street but only fractured a leg. At the hospital he confessed the murders and asked the nurses for him to be arrested. Francisco Garcia Escalero was finally arrested in April 1994 by the police.

Escalero went to trial in February 1995 but was declared insane with a severe mental disorder caused by his alcoholism and his schizophrenia and was confined in a psychiatric hospital. Today he is considered a dangerous person absolutely insane with a terrible mental disorder.



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