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Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Revenge
Number of victims: 6
Date of murder: March 5, 1992
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: 1965
Victims profile: Coworkers and their relatives
Method of murder: Shooting (Kalashnikov automatic assault rifle)
Location: Rivera, Origlio and Massagno, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland
Status: Committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell on March 7, 1992

Killed six people and wounded six others by ringing doorbells and firing on victims as they answered the door.

Committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell a few days later.


Erminio Criscione

A mass murder from Lugano, Switzerland. Erminio Criscione was on a wholesale meat suppliers training course when he snapped. One would think it fair to assume that he didn't enjoy the company of his fellow trainees when looking at his actions on the morning of March 5, 1992.

It seems Criscione had been having some trouble with his work mates so he went out early one morning with his Kalashnikov automatic assault rifle and visited his best friend and co-worker. When he answer the door he was shot in both legs. No words were said, just two bullets then Criscione was off.

He then travelled to another co workers house where he shot and killed four members of the one family. He also injured three others in this family.

He went on to kill two more workmates before reaching his final destination, his boss's place. Unfortunatly for Criscione he wasn't home, but his wife was. She copped two in the legs and was told, "Tell him I'll be back" (in whatever language they speak in Switzerland of course).

But he would not be returning to the house. Once back in his car police surrounded him. In fact there were over 100 armed police surrounding him.

Bizarrely he didn't kill himself at this time, which would seem to be an even stranger act than the earlier murders.

Well anyway, he seemed to rethink his decision in prison and two days later changed his mind and hung himself.


Man rings doorbells, opens fire; six killed

San Jose Mercury News

March 5, 1992

A gunman killed six people and wounded six others in a rampage near this picturesque southern town, ringing doorbells and firing on victims as they answered the door, police said today.

The 37-year-old man, identified as Erminio Criscione, surrendered to police in tears after his two-hour rampage Wednesday night in the villages of Rivera, Origlio and Massagno, police said.


Six shot, killed in Swiss rampage gunman rang victims' doorbells

The San Antonio Light

March 5, 1992

LUGANO, Switzerland -- Six people were killed in one of the worst mass murders in Swiss history after a gunman stalked through three villages in southern Switzerland and shot residents as they answered their doorbells.

Toting a semiautomatic rifle, Erminio Criscione, 37, burst in on one family as it ate dinner and shot other victims on their doorsteps during the two-hour spree late Wednesday, police said.


Door-to-door shootings kill 6 Swiss

Detroit Free Press

March 5, 1992

ZURICH, Switzerland -- A gunman with an automatic rifle killed six people in a tiny Swiss village, going house to house ringing doorbells and shooting the occupants point-blank, police said Thursday.

The killer picked off his victims Wednesday in a gruesome two-hour tour of the village of Rivera in southern Switzerland near the Italian border. He also wounded four persons, including a 5-year-old girl, in Rivera and two in nearby villages.


Door-to-door gunman kills himself in cell

San Jose Mercury News

March 10, 1992

The gunman who killed six people and wounded six in a door- to-door rampage in southern Switzerland last week has committed suicide, hanging himself in his jail cell, police in Lugano said today.

Erminio Criscione, 37, used the time when his guards were being changed Monday evening to tie a linen cloth to his window bars, police said. The district attorney ordered an autopsy. Criscione had been jailed since a Wednesday rampage in the villages of Rivera, Origlio and Massagno near Lugano.



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