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Thomas CRAIG





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Jealousy
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: March 26, 1910
Date of birth: 1884
Victim profile: Thomas Henderson, 25 (the husband of his former sweetheart)
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England, Unnited Kingdom
Status: Executed by hanging in Durham on July 12, 1910

Thomas Craig, a twenty six year old former miner and ex-convict was convicted of the murder of Thomas Henderson who was twenty five, the husband of his former sweetheart.

In the spring of 1908, Craig had been courting a girl although she was scared of his jealous temper. That summer, Craig received a seven year prison sentence for some misdemeanour, and he asked his girlfriend to wait for him. They corresponded and she made a number of visits to the gaol.

In September of 1909, she met Thomas Henderson, and from then on she severed all contact with Craig.

In January of the following year, Craig wrote to her saying he was looking forward to continuing their relationship when he was released on parole, which he hoped would be in a few months time. She ignored the letter, and in February married Thomas Henderson.

On 24 March, Craig was released on parole, and two days later he called at his former girlfriend's home in Gateshead.

The girl's mother, unaware of who the visitor was, took him across the street and pointed out her daughter's new home. He called at the house and asked his former love why she had given him up. She told him that she had fallen in love with Henderson.

Henderson came into the room and offered to shake hands with Craig, who responded by pulling out a revolver and shooting the couple. Mrs Henderson received serious injuries but her husband was killed.

Craig fled the area but was easily recognisable due to a badly scarred face, and he was soon detained. He was convicted at Durham Assizes on 26th June and hanged by Henry Pierrepoint and William Willis.

A month after his son's execution, Craig's father called at the police headquarters and tried to claim the murder weapon, saying his son had left the gun - his only possession - to him.

He was told that the will had been made while under sentence of death and was invalid, and that the gun would remain the property of the crown. He was hanged on the 12th July 1910 in Durham.



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