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James Clifford CARSON






A.K.A.: "Michael Bear Carson"
Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Drugs - Claimed to be killing witches, homosexuals, and abortionists in the name of Allah
Number of victims: 3
Date of murders: 1981 - 1983
Date of arrest: January 12, 1983
Date of birth: 1950
Victims profile: Keryn Barnes, 22 / Clark Stephens / John Hillyar
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife - Shooting
Location: California, USA
Status: Sentenced to 75 years to life in prison in 1984

James Clifford Carson (aka Michael Bear Carson) and Susan Barnes Carson were serial killers active in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1980s.

Involved in the counter-culture movement, their crimes emerged from a shared missionary philosophy to exterminate individuals they believed to be "witches". The pair reportedly kept a list of targeted individuals including celebrities and political figures such as Johnny Carson and then-president Ronald Reagan.

After their arrest in 1983, they held a news conference confessing to murders including those of Karen Barnes, stabbed to death in her home in Haight-Ashbury, Clark Stephens, murdered and mutilated in Humboldt County and John Hillyar, murdered while hitchhiking in the Napa Valley.

On 12 June 1984 the Carsons were convicted of one murder and sentenced to serve twenty five years to life in prison. Later they were convicted of two other murders and given 50 years to life. Their final sentence was 75 years to life.


  • California Babylon by Kristan Lawson and Anneli Rufus, St. Martin's Griffin; Revised Edition edition (October 2000)

  • The Cry for War: The Story of Suzan and Michael Carson, Squibob Pr; 1st ed edition (January 1988)

  • Encyclopedia of Serial Killers (Paperback) by Brian Lane, Berkley (July 1, 1995)



Susan & James Carson (1981-1983) were 30-year old hippies from San Francisco who operated a large pot farm in Humbolt County, California. They regularly took hallucinogenic drugs, and during one of their trips, Susan had a vision to change their names (to Suzan & Michael Bear) and declare allegiance to the Muslim faith.

They became convinced some of their old friends and acquaintances as well as regular visitors to the pot farm were witches bent on doing the world evil, so they killed 3 people by smashing their skulls, stabbing, and shooting. No evidence of sexual motive or profit was present, and at their trial, they claimed self-defense in ending spells put on them and in doing the world a favor by ridding it of evil. They were sentenced to 25 years to life.


Valley woman recalls childhood with her serial-killer dad

By Carey Peña / 3TV reporter

Monday, February 27, 2006

It was a dark family secret kept hidden for years. Now, the daughter of a serial killer speaks out.

Jenn Carson lives here in the Valley. At the age of 31, she has finally come to the point where she can talk openly about her father without shame or guilt.

She recently sat with 3TV to share her story of survival.

Jenn's earliest memories are good ones. "I was totally a daddy's girl," she said.

In the eyes of his adoring daughter, Michael Carson could do no wrong.

"My father was brilliant," Jenn said. "He had a master's degree and a degree in Chinese studies."

But brilliance would soon give way to madness.

"My mom just saw this person who she loved dearly changing before her eyes," Jenn said. "I think she realized he was headed for an explosion. One night we just packed the car and disappeared."

Jenn was just shy of 5 when she and her mother fled to California. In the meantime, her father remained in Phoenix where he ended up remarrying.

"Suzan had been recently divorced. With two teenage kids, she had lived a very normal country club Scottsdale life," Jenn said.

Fueled by drugs, Michael and Suzan started a downward spiral that would end in a murderous rampage.

"When I was 7, the murder spree started," Jenn said. "And he was convicted when I was 9."

Jenn's mom couldn't keep it from her any longer. It was time to talk about the truth.

"She said, ‘Daddy’s gotten a lot worse and he is very, very sick and he hurt a bunch of people and they are not alive anymore,'" Jenn said.

The first victim was Keryn Barnes, 22.

"He killed her by bashing her over the head with a frying pan. And then stabbing her multiple times," Jenn said. "How could the hands that changed my diaper stab a young woman to death?"

Barnes was stabbed more than 15 times. Police later found her in a pool of blood in the kitchen of her San Francisco apartment.

The trial was all over the news in the early ‘80s.

The Carsons confessed to three murders in Northern California.

They claimed to be killing witches, homosexuals, and abortionists in the name of Allah.

"Good is created and evil is a like a powerful parasite," said Michael during a press conference. "It can only copy or feed off of the light."

This remained a dark family secret for years.

"I was hiding it and it was destroying me," Jenn said.

Finally, when she was 19, Jenn decided she had to look into her father's eyes at least once.

"It was like looking into the eyes of someone with no soul," she said.

At that time, Michael was housed at Folsom Prison in the so-called celebrity wing. Visitation was held in a big open room.

That's where Jenn came face to face with another well-known killer -- an experience that would shake her to the bone.

"Eric Menendez gets up from the person he was visiting," Jenn said. "And he comes and says ’hi’ to my father. And then says ‘hi’ to me and he winks at me. And I'm like, am I in the twilight zone?"

Jenn now considers her dad to be pure evil.

"The definition of evil is hurting someone else for pleasure," she said. "And I think that once you've crossed that line there is no going back."

Jenn is all about moving forward. She's a courageous young woman who refuses to be bound by blood or circumstance.

"All children can get through any experience and then transcend that experience," Jenn said.

Jenn got her master's in counseling and now dedicates her life to working with kids who have emotional and mental health needs. She refuses to let her father's crimes define who she is.

And what about her dad? How much time did he get?

Michael, 54, was recently transferred to a prison in L.A. County. Both he and Suzan will spend the rest of their life behind bars.


Cry for War

Fascinating book by Richard D. Reynolds about Suzan and Michael Carson, the so-called San Francisco "Witch" killers.

Follow the adventures of these nomadic killers as they make their home in abandoned cabins, live out of dumpsters, deal marijuana and preach their own version of Islam. They saw themselves as Hassassins, tools of Allah. Most people saw them as insane. Ric Reynolds gets inside their heads and tells it from their point of view.

You are prepared to hate them after the first chapter which is from the point of view of the victim's friends. Then, as we accompany them on their flight from justice and enter their minds, we find ourselves seduced into liking them and actually rooting for them. Such is the power of this book.

This is a book of the streets and the people who inhabit them. It's a book of punk rockers, welfare mothers, Golden Gate Park, pot farms, nomads crashing in abandoned cabins, and murder. Suzan and Michael are pot dealers (and smokers) who are high on their own insanity. They see themselves as Moslem assassins and their lives as a holy war against "Witches" and other "infidels."

Richard Reynolds becomes Suzan and Michael as does the reader. How many times have you become somebody else? How often has it been someone repellant and still you loved the experience? Highly recommended.



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