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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Robbery
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: August 28, 1991
Date of birth: August 25, 1967
Victim profile: A 52 year old white female
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
LocationDallas County, Texas, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on April 8, 1999
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Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth
Carpenter, David Lynn 999300 08/25/1967
Date Received Age (when Received) Education Level
04/08/1999 31 10
Date of Offense Age (at the Offense) County
08/28/1991 24 Dallas
Race Gender Hair Color
White Male Brown
Height Weight Eye Color
6' 2" 240 Blue
Native County Native State Prior Occupation
Dallas Texas carpenter, heavy equipment operator, laborer

Prior Prison Record

2 year sentence from Dallas County for 1 count of Burglary Of A Building and 1 count of Criminal Mischief, 05/25/88 released on parole, 05/03/89 returned as parole violator with a new conviction and new number; #508994, 20 year sentence, Kaufman County, 1 count of Burglary of a Habitation; 4/15/91 released on Parole to Smith County.

Summary of incident

On 08/28/1991, during the daytime hours, the subject murdered a 52 year old white female while burglarizing the victim's residence in Dallas, Texas. Carpenter kicked in the front door of the victim's residence and cut the victim's throat.



Race and Gender of Victim

White female

David's letter about tha case end trial

David Carpenter homepage -

August 27, 1999

My name is David Lynn Carpenter.  I was just sentenced to death in the state of Texas.

I was sentenced to death for the murder of a Dallas woman.  Please believe me when I say  "I did not do this!"  I know that I'm not too smart where the law is concerned.  But I have reason to believe that the prosecution coaxed the witness (Mandee McBay) in what to say at my trial.  This took place when they took her to Braums for ice cream and shopping one weekend.  This is in the transcripts !  The first week of my trial they asked her questions.  But the DA didn't like the answers.  So, that weekend is when they decided to take her shopping and for ice cream.  Then the following week they ask her the same questions and they were inconsistent from the answers she had previously given.  First of all !  I ask that she be excluded as a witness.  We were common law married and had 2 children together.  The defense proved this beyond a reasonable doubt.  But, the prosecution and the judge conspired together to abuse her discretion.  So, that they could use her "Hearsay" testimony.  Which, had she agreed with the law, (in Brooks Vs State) any thing she had to say as a far as her opinions or hearsay, would have been off limits.   They threatened to take her kids from her if she didn't.   In her testimony she admitted on the stand that she had threatened my life.

Next witness is supposedly a direct witness which said she seen a tall skinny man with long ratty brown hair and no facial hair, run from the scene.  She also stated that she was close enough to the man to see his eyes, but didn't know if he was wearing a shirt.

This murder was supposed to have taken place in August of 1991,  and she wasn't shown a photo line up until September 1997,  where she was shown 6 photos and only one of the photos was different from the others in color and texture, but most of all was the only one with a signature on the back of it dated the day before she was to view them.   You guessed it, mine. She testified that she spent 10 minutes looking at the photos 'she wanted to be sure'.  If that were the case,  then the investigator who gave the photo line up, lied.   He said that she picked out the photo in about 2 minutes.

She also testified that she told Penrod that the reason that she remembered the man was his eyes 'He had an evil look' But when Penrod was asked 'Did she say he had an evil look ?' He said , 'No' !   I believe she was told to say that.   The truth will be the same no matter who tells it !   Witnesses statements were inconsistent.   Even the color of my hair.   I got out of prison in April 1991 and the murder happened in August of 1991.

How could I have long ratty brown hair ?   Even the witnesses brother who was with her that day said that the guy had dark brown hair.   And my hair was bleached out at that time as testified by  2 different States witnesses.  Also I have always been a large person, never skinny (especially to a 16 year old girl). At the time of my release I was
6' 2" and weighted 230 lbs.  And I steadily gained weight as the photos will show.

Some more evidence were footprints on the outside of the house and partial of the same print on the inside.  They were supposedly tennis shoes.  I never wore tennis shoes.  They said they made a mud of the footprint, but refused to say the size of it, and we did mention it.  There is no physical evidence that would put me in or around the victims home.

Also the car they say I was driving, was in fact a pasture for 5 years up until the first weekend in October.  I had to fix it before I could drive it.  The witnesses I wanted, my attorneys wouldn't call in, and she even had one that was in TDC brought back and never called her.  I have gotten into trouble before and done things I shouldn't have but never,  never would I do anything like this to a person.  Yes, the girl did give me some money but it was to rent a moving truck.  Which I did rent and I did help her move.  But thats the only money that I ever got from her.   She did offer to pay me to do a hit, but  I told her she was crazy.  She even admitted to it and said that she offered.  Then she changed her story and said that she did pay me to do it.  Then she changed her story again and said that she only gave me a down payment.  She's a liar.  I have a letter from one of her friends admitting she took a lie detector test and she was a habitual, vindictive liar.

At the end of the arguments the jury had a conflict.  So they were called in and told how to get the portion of the court records that they wanted to see. But that it would take some time to find it and translate it, so they could read it.  Well 5 minutes later they called me in and said guilty.  The DA said it was the eyewitness testimony that done it.   How did she know that ?  I believe she interfered in the deliberations.  If you would have been there you would have seen what a circus it was.  Plus the DA told this gruesome theory of how he thinks it happened.  They showed pictures of me while I was incarcerated and even came out and said that I'd been in prison.   That was a violation in its self.   If you think you would want to help me please let me know.  I don't have much time, with this new law.

The bad part of all is that there were 2 witnesses that were there to testify that the guy that really done it had confessed to them that he did it, how he did it and where she lived.  One of the witnesses that was there said that the guy came to her house and had told her son he did it.  After he left, her son told her what he hd said and she immediately called the police.  The police talked to her son and a report was made.  Then about 2 years ago her son was killed and about the same way as the woman that was murdered.  But the boys mother said that she was told that it was road rage for the reason that her son was killed.  Then there was a girl and her mother there that he was going to testify that the same boy also told the daughter that he did it and even showed her the knife that he used.  They even called in the boy and he plead the 5th out of the prescence of the jury.  Then the judge refused to let the jury know about it.  The fingerprints they found were not mine.  The hair they found were not mine.  They done a DNA and proved they were not mine.  Please help !



PS Hello, I'm David's mother.  He asked that I type this letter for him and I would like to add, if they did a mud of the footprint then they would be able to tell the size and if it were the left or right foot that was used to kick in the door, right ?  Back in grade school they done some tests on him at Dallas Children's Hospital.  It included all kinds of tests, such as what hand he uses to eat with, what hand he throws a ball with, and even what foot he uses to kick a ball with.  I told his court appointed attorneys and they didn't even try to get this information.  They could have looked to see when the car he was supposed to have been in was registered in his name.  None of this came up at his trial.  The reason for the murder was because a man was seeing these 2 women (the hirer, and the murdered.)  The woman (that supposedly done the hiring)  and the man (that got on the stand and testifed that he was very much in love with the murdered woman, moved in together on the same day that the woman was murdered.  Doesn't this sound a little strange to you ?  Why would a man that was so much in love with a woman move in with another woman that he had been previously seeing and had dumped for the one he was in love with ?  To me, there would be a lot of reasonable doubt.  I'm not very smart but I believe all of this would be grounds for a new trial.

We don't have the money to hire a lawyer or we would have already done so  for we know that our son didn't do this.

If you could help in any way we would greatly appreciate it.

A sincere thanks for your time,

DIANA CARPENTER   (David's Mother)



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