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John Kennedy BAREFIELD





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape - Robbery
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: April 21, 1986
Date of birth: March 30, 1964
Victim profile: Cindy Rounsaville (female, 25, Rice University student)
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Harris County, Texas, USA
Status: Executed by lethal injection in Texas on March 12, 1997


Date of Execution:
March 12, 1997
John K. Barefield #844
Last Statement:
(Mumbled.) Tell Mama I love her.


John Kennedy Barefield
Age: 32 (21)
Executed: March 12, 1997
Education level: 9th grade

Barefield, his brother and another accomplice abducted, robbed and raped Rice University student Cindy Rounsaville, 25, on April 21, 1986. When she tried to flee, Barefield shot her twice in the head.

His brother was sentenced to 45 years in prison. The other accomplice got a life sentence for an unrelated rape-abduction.


Texas Executes Killer Of College Student

The New York Times

March 14, 1997

The leader of a gang that hunted through Houston apartment complexes for people to rape and rob during a six-month period in 1985-86 was executed on Wednesday for the shooting death of a college student 11 years ago.

The convicted gang leader, John Kennedy Barefield, 32, died by lethal injection for the abduction, rape and murder of Cindy Rounsaville, an architecture student at Rice University, in 1986. Mr. Barefield, who was born four months after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, was named for him.

In April 1986, Mr. Barefield and two other men abducted Ms. Rounsaville, 25, at gunpoint in the parking lot of her apartment complex. They forced her to withdraw $70 from an automatic teller machine and raped her in a car.

Evidence at his trial showed he shot her twice in the head as she was on her hands and knees in a field after running from the car.



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