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Roger Hoan BRADY





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Robberies
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: December 1993 / August 1994
Date of birth: 1966
Victims profile: Martin Ganz, 29 (police officer) / Catalina Correa, 55 (witness)
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: California/Oregon, USA
Status: Sentenced to life in prison in Oregon in 1996. Sentenced to death in California on March 16, 1999
Roger Hoan Brady was charged with the murder of Officer Martin Ganz after he was arrested in Vancouver, Washington for committing an armed robbery near Portland Oregon, then shooting and killing a 55 year old woman who witnessed his crime.  A witness saw the shooting and followed Roger Brady as he made his escape.  A few blocks from the crime scene, Roger Brady stopped his get away car and shot at this witness with a high powered rifle.

Roger Brady was convicted of these crimes, and sentenced to life without parole in an Oregon State Prison. On August 1, 1996, Roger Brady was extradited to Los Angeles to stand trial for the murder of Officer Martin Ganz. Officer Ganz's family does not live in the Los Angeles area, and they had to commute to the trial.

On Thursday, November 19, 1998, Roger Brady was convicted of first degree murder with special circumstances for the murder of Officer Ganz.  After the penalty phase of the trial, the Jury returned with a verdict of Death for Roger Hoan Brady for the murder of Officer Martin Ganz.

On Tuesday, March 16th, 1999, Roger Brady was sentenced to the death penalty in Superior Court, Department L, Torrance, California.

Roger Brady will be serving his sentence at San Quentin State Prison while awaiting his appeal, which is automatic for death penalty convictions.


Roger Hoan Brady

Sentenced: March 16, 1999, age 33

Residence: Malibu

Crime: Murder of a police officer

Date of crime: Dec. 27, 1993

Location: Next to Bank of America, Manhattan Village, Manhattan Beach

Victim: Manhattan Beach police officer Martin Ganz

Status: On appeal, not briefed

Ganz interrupted the career bank and supermarket robber as he likely was headed to rob the Ralph’s supermarket at Manhattan Village.

Noticing Brady’s car had crossed the limit line on Sepulveda Boulevard, the 29-year-old officer pulled Brady over and walked up to his car.

Brady immediately pulled a gun and opened fire, wounding Ganz in the shoulder. Ganz retreated and collapsed. Brady chased him, stood over him and fired into his back and face.

Brady then pointed his gun at Ganz’s patrol car, where the officer’s 12-year-old nephew, Don, sat frightened while on a Christmas break ridealong.

After eight months, Brady killed Catalina Correa, 55, of Portland as he fled a Beaverton, Ore., supermarket robbery where she had been a customer.

Jurors in Oregon spared Brady the death penalty.

Torrance jurors did not.


Roger Hoan Brady

CALIFORNIA: A convicted killer has pleaded innocent to gunning down a Manhattan Beach police officer during a routine traffic stop in 1993. Roger Hoan Brady, 31, entered his plea on Tuesday in Torrance Superior Court.

Brady is already serving a life sentence for the August 1994 shooting death of Catalina Correa, a 55-year-old nurse outside a grocery store near Portland, Oregon, following a robbery.

He could face the death penalty if convicted of the December 1993 slaying of police Officer Martin Ganz, the 1st Manhattan Beach police officer to be killed in the line of duty.

Ganz, 29, was shot to death as he approached a car he had stopped in the Manhattan Village mall, and the gunman followed Ganz as he tried to retreat behind his patrol car.

The officer's young nephew was riding along with him that night and could be among the witnesses called to testify against Brady.

Authorities said Brady became the primary suspect in Ganz's killing after ballistics tests showed that a handgun seized at his home "compared identically" with the gun used to kill the officer. Brady, who is being held without bail, is set to return to court June 6 for a pre-trial hearing.



MO: Armed robber; killed policeman and female holdup victim.

DISPOSITION: Life term in Ore.; condemned in Calif., 1998.


Officer Martin Ganz, 29, the 1st Manhattan Beach police officer
to be killed in the line of duty.



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