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Ricardo Alberto BARREDA





Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Parricide - Because the victims insulted him with verbal attacks at all times
Number of victims: 4
Date of murders: November 15, 1992
Date of arrest: Next day (surrenders)
Date of birth: June 16, 1936
Victims profile: His wife Gladys Mac Donald, 57; his mother-in-law, Elena Arreche, 86; and his two daughters, Adriana, 24, and Cecilia, 26
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: La Plata, Argentina
Status: Sentenced to life in prison on August 17, 1995. Home confinement in 2008. Released on January 5, 2011

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Ricardo Alberto Barreda (born in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province) is an Argentine dentist who was sentenced to life imprisonment on August 17, 1995 for the murders of his wife, his two daughters and of his mother-in-law on November 15, 1992. Barreda killed his family because they insulted him with verbal attacks at all times.

On November 15, 1992, Barreda killed his family with a shotgun. After killing them, Barreda went to a bar and drank a few beers. At 10 PM, he returned to his home, called to the police, and confessed to the murders.


Ricardo "Riqui" Barreda (born 1936, in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province) is an Argentine dentist who was sentenced to life imprisonment on August 17, 1995 for the murders of his wife Gladys Mac Donald of 57 years old, his two daughters both rounding their mid 20s (Adriana was a dentist and Cecilia a lawer) and of his 86 years old mother-in-law Elena Arreche on November 15, 1992.

According to Barreda he killed his family because they insulted him with verbal and physical attacks at all times. They called him names such as "Conchita" (in English pussy) and referred to him as a useless, unemployed, perverted and mentally challenged being.

On the morning of November 15, 1992, Barreda was having a nice day, until he became mad for the unpleasant treatment his wife gave him that particular day, so he took his beloved shotgun a 16,5 gauge, double barrel, Vda. e Hijos Victor Sarrasqueta shotgun (which was given to him as a gift by his mother-in-law) and killed his family.

First he shot his wife down with a blast to her chest very at short distance in the kitchen, then Cecilia (his oldest daughter) who was standing near his mother was murdered. After doing so and as he was reloading his gun, Adriana came running down the stairs shouting, she didn't reach the lowest step as she was killed with a blast to the head before. According to him he saved the best for the last, he went and shot Elena Arreche with a double blast to the back and then another double blast to the head.

After killing them all, pillaging and violently and fiercely raping their dead bodies trough their open wounds (although this last charge was not considered in the court), Barreda collected all empty shells, trashed his house (with the purpose of faking a robbery); drove his Ford Falcon to a park and threw the shotgun and the used shells there. At around 5:30 pm he went to a motel with his longtime girlfriend (both of them had an extramarital affair) Hilda Bono. At 10 pm previous going to a bar nearby, he returned drunk to his home, called the police, and told them a robbery had occurred at his home. Later he finally confessed all his crimes including many minor driving related feloniesand other teenage related vandalisms, like some apartidist graffitis on public houses.

On May 7, 2008 Barreda was put under house arrest. And will live with his 71 years old, girlfriend Berta "Pochi" André on a flat on the street Vidal 2300, in the Belgrano neighbourhood. Also many graffitis appeared on the streets putting Barreda`s heterosexuality in question and others trying to get him out of the neighborhood.

In 2003 argentinean punk-rock band Ataque 77 released an album called Antihumano on which there is a song called Barreda´s Way, who pays homeage to the famous dentist. They also released a video for that song which quickly became very popular and one of their most succesful songs on this album.


The Court of La Plata released Ricardo Barreda

January 5, 2011

Today, the Court of La Plata granted the parole to Ricardo Barreda, the dentist who in 1992 had murdered his wife, mother in law and two daughters and had been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Last week, the Criminal Chamber made a new calculation of the years that Barreda was kept in prison, between 1992 and 2008, after which he comply with home confinement. So the decision was taken by the Court of Appeals and Guarantees of La Plata.

Eduardo Gutierrez, the lawyer of the dentist disagreed with the ruling because he had asked for his final release and not the parole.

In 1992 Barreda murdered his wife Gladys, his mother in law Elena and his daughters Cecilia and Adriana at his home in La Plata.



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