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John Wade ADAMS





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Robbery
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: March 23, 1997
Date of birth: January 26, 1963
Victim profile: Donna Duncan Vick, 52
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Dallas County, Texas, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on August 12, 1998
Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth
Adams, John 999278 01/26/63

Date Received

Age (when Received)

Education Level



9 years

Date of Offense

Age (at the Offense)







Hair Color






Eye Color




Native County

Native State

Prior Occupation




Prior Prison Record

TDCJ-ID #515044 on a 5 year sentence for burglary of a habitation; released on parole; returned as a parole violator on 6/20/1995; released on mandatory supervision on 12/27/1996.

Summary of incident

On March 23, 1997, in De Soto, Adams and his co-defendant murdered a 52-year-old white female. Adams and Wright were at the victim's home when they held her down and fatally stabbed her in the neck and chest with a kitchen knife taken from her own kitchen. They took her TV, VCR, weed eater, and her car. The car was later found abandoned in Landcaster.


Gregory Edward Wright

Race and Gender of Victim

White female


The Crime:

On March 22, 1997, John Wade Adams placed an emergency 911 call to the Dallas Police Department stating that he had witnessed a murder the night before.

Adams subsequently led the authorities to an abandoned white Chrysler New Yorker registered to Donna Duncan Vick. This led to the discovery of Ms. Vick, found murdered in the master bedroom of her home with a pillow covering her face and lying in a pool of blood.

The lack of evidence to demonstrate a struggle elsewhere in the room indicated that the attack occurred on Ms. Vick's bed with her assailant straddling her on the bed during the murder.  Ms. Vick sustained multiple stab wounds, bruises, and cuts to her face, neck, chin, hands, and throat area.

Ms. Vick, a fifty-two-year-old widow known for ministering to and aiding the homeless, had invited Gregory Wright, a homeless person and panhandler, to reside in her house in exchange for doing yard work. Wright had been staying there as a guest for about one week prior to the night of the killing.

On the day before the killing, Wright and Ms. Vick drove in her car to a house in north Oak Cliff belonging to Llewelyn Mosley where Wright purchased and used crack cocaine before leaving with Ms. Vick. Later that evening Wright and Ms. Vick returned to Mosley's house, where they met up with Adams. The three left together in Ms. Vick's car. Id.

The evidence reflects that they all went to the VFW lodge around midnight where they stayed until 2:00 a.m. The three men returned to Ms. Vick's home, where Ms. Vick cooked some food for Adams and Wright. Ms. Vick then went to bed. Id. At some point thereafter, Wright held up a paper towel toward Adams with the words "Do you want to do it?" written on it. Id

The two men, armed with Adams' pocketknifeanda butcher knife from Ms. Vick's kitchen, went back to her bedroom where they proceeded to stab Ms. Vick repeatedly to her death. Id. Wright and Adams then gathered up iems in the house belonging to Ms. Vick, including her microwave, portable CD player, TV, VCR, computer equipment, and newly purchased weedeater and placed them in her car where they transported them to the crack house to trade for drugs.

Adams was convicted of capital murder in a separate trial six months following Wrigh's conviction.


John Wade Adams



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